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Archaeology and Material Culture

An astounding number of web pages document abandoned materiality, encompassing a broad range of architectural spaces including asylums, bowling alleys, industrial sites, Cold War sites, and roadside motels as well as smaller things like pianos and even scale models of abandonment.  This ruination lust is not simply the province of a small handful of visual artists, hipsters colonizing Detroit, or recalcitrant trespassers; instead, it invokes something that reaches far deeper socially, has international dimensions, extends well into the past, and reflects a deep-seated fascination with—if not apprehension of—abandonment.  The question is what explains our apparently sudden collective fascination with abandonment, ruination, and decay.  The answers are exceptionally complex and highly individual, but there seem to be some recurrent metaphors in these discourses.

For “urban explorers” (a term that might loosely include artists, photographers, archaeologists, and curious folks alike), such journeys seek out “abandoned, unseen, and off-limits”…

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Follow me, o reader, as we wander into one of the most bizarre landscapes this planet has to offer. This is a train cemetery located a few kilometers outside of Uyuni, a smallish city in the south of Bolivia.


The setting is wide open spaces, deep blue skies and clouds rolling in and out faster than wild horses, ever changing the colors and the contrasts. Young couples come here to find a little privacy away from peering eyes. Small groups of people play the most classic of games: hide and seek. Children of all ages clamber up, down, into and out of these hundreds of rusting locomotives and cars, many of which are well over 100 years old.
































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Geometry & Silence

Edit: I’m honoured and delighted that this post is featured in Freshly Pressed. Thanks for all your likes and comments and follow my Facebook Page to see my latest work and keep in touch!

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Ray Ferrer - Emotion on Canvas

I LOVE THIS PIECE!!!  I had to add some additional photos so that the details can really be seen here.  Not bad!

Spray Paint & Acrylic  on canvas.

Want something made for you?  Want something else you see on this blog?  Reach out!

Email:  reinaldoferrer@gmail.com

Spray Paint & Acrylic   Spray Paint & Acrylic                                                                                                                                Acrylic & Spray Paint

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Final Project: A Bella Day

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Popson Park

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